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The Coalition for Physician Enhancement (CPE) is a consortium of professionals with expertise in quality assurance, medical education, and the assessment, licensing, and accreditation of referred physicians seeking higher levels of performance in patient care.

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In Memorium - Martha Illige

CPE is saddened to hear of the death of one of it’s founding members, Dr. Martha Illige.  Dr. Illige was a board-certified family physician who not only practiced family medicine, but served as an Associate Professor of Clinical Practice in the Department of Family Medicine, University of Colorado Denver. Dr. Illige was particularly interested in the doctor-patient relationship (verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as the possibility of healing spiritual presence by working in this relationship over time) and the wounded healer.  She was a true leader, teaching by example and through workshops with residents.  Outside of her role as a professor, Dr. Illige’s other interests included educational assessment and remediation, human behavior change, emotional intelligence in healthcare, and faculty development.

Dr. Illige was also a long-time staff of one of CPE’s founding organizational members, the Centre for Personalized Education for Physicians (CPEP), having served there for over 25 years. The CPE family would like to extend its condolences and support to Martha’s family and long-time friends and coworkers at CPEP.

Posted on Martha’s blog on June 27th was this fitting last post:  "Last night Martha passed away peacefully and without pain at home in her own bed, as she had wanted.  "Celebrate and mourn as you wish," was her directive to everyone touched by her passing, and the best way to honor her is by following our own paths with compassion and joy. Thank you all for being part of her life."

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The fall meeting of CPE will take place in the City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, PA on October 20 and 21, 2016.  The meeting topic will be "Experts, Assessors and Evidence: The Challenge of Judgment in Assessment"

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